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`The suitors deserve their punishment'

Planning of Telemachus' `there'll be a grim ending to this seatrip in search for his father'
murder `the suitors were once again devising schemes for Telemachus' murder'

Arrogant and prideful `What God has inflicted this plague on us to spoil our dinner?'

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`The suitors deserve their punishment'

Penelope's dream (fate) As Penelope's dream interprets `the suitors are all doomed, not one will
escape his destiny with death'
`you fleeced my household, raped my maids and courted my wide though
Courting Penelope I was alive'
`A crowd of suitors are pestering my mother'…

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`The suitors deserve their punishment'

`they all gave him food, out of pity'
All give Odysseus food as a
beggar (except Antinous)

`When they all had arrived, the assembly was complete'
True to their word/civil
attend Telemachus'

`These suitors are actually the sons of those who are your leaders…




would be great if you could add references t the quotes eg line number :)

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