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WALT: To recap basic knowledge of…read more

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Key words
In your books, write the definitions for the following words
[leave space between each one for corrections]
· Globalisation Globalisation is the process by which the world is becoming increasingly
interconnected as a result of increased trade and cultural exchanges on a global scale.
· Trans-national corporations [TNCs] Corporations which operate in several
countries. Their head quarters are usually based in an MEDC.
· Interdependence Countries depending upon other countries for reasons such as
trade (imports and exports) and economical support.
· Global Marketplace Goods and services are bought and sold worldwide.…read more

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3 main forms of globalisation
World trade has expanded rapidly under the GATT and WTO. TNCs have been the major
force in increasing economic interdependence.…read more

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Cultures have spread all over the world through film, TV, newspapers and the
internet. This is reflected in media, art, sport and leisure.…read more

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More countries organise themselves into trade blocs. There is a clear influence of
democracies on developing countries.…read more

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Draw a spider diagram showing some key factors which increase the rates of globalisation.
Transport Technology
Factors that
Trade…read more

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