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Nike And Globalisation
A presentation on how Nike has
spread all around the world and
why...…read more

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Nike, an Introduction
· Nike trades in mainly clothing and textiles.
· They sell shoes and sports products
· Nike was founded in 1964
· The founder was Philip Knight and Bill
· It is now based in Oregon, USA
· The company is named after the Greek
God of victory…read more

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· The first product from Nike was the
"Waffle" trainer
· It was a huge success when launched
· From 1980 onwards, Nike made more and
more types of products
· They now make shirts, bags and
accessories, instead of just shoes
· Their first line of shoes were Air-Max…read more

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· Alleged claims have been made that Nike
don't pay minimum wage
· The main sweatshops are in China,
Indonesia and Mexico, but there are many
· Over 50 countries are involved in the
manufacture of a single shoe.…read more

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· Nike became famous because it publicised
unsigned athletes, who soon became
· This gave Nike a reputation for being
successful and their products making
athletes successful
· These athletes include: Michael Jordan,
Bobby Jones and John Stockton.…read more

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Protest against Nike
· There are many types of protest against
Nike, for various reasons.
· Some are because of sweatshop use
· Others are because of Nike's power in the
· Currently, there is…read more


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