AQA Human Geography: Case Studies (Tourism, Globalisation, Urbanisation)

A powerpoint giving different case studies on human geography topics: tourism, globalisatiion and changing urban environments

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Human Geography:
Case Studies
AQA GCSE Geography A: Globalisation, Tourism, Urbanisation…read more

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The Apple iPod
· Had sold more than 240 million iPods by January 2010
· Different companies manufacture and supply the small
· Apple HQ in California
· Memory card produced in Utah, USA
· Video processing chip produced in South Korea
· Final assembly in China
· Shipping from Hong Kong…read more

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General Motors
· General motors is one of the top ten motor
manufacturers in the world
· The company headquarters are in Detroit, USA
· They operate in 32 countries worldwide
· They employ over 260,000 people
· They built a new car assembly plant to make 300,000
new cars per year in southeast China
· This means that the company can easily sell cars
directly into the Chinese market…read more

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General Motors
· China's rapid economic development and higher wages
mean there is a greater demand for cars in China
· China has low wages, so General Motors cars can be
made more cheaply, and thus more profits be made
· Many electronic parts and steel are close by because
they are already made in China
· General Motors provides training, skills and jobs to the
Chinese people, benefitting China…read more

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Call Centres:
Bangalore, India
· Labour costs are much lower in India
· India has a large, skilled, English speaking workforce
· ICT has been highly developed in India
· The rental cost of offices is very low
· Bangalore has a pleasant climate for any European
· More workers are trained, and can share their
knowledge…read more

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Call Centres:
Bangalore, India
Benefits Issues
· Creation of well paid jobs in India · People in Europe and USA lose jobs
· Bangalore's infrastructure has been · The city has difficult housing new
improved people because it is overcrowded
· Improved Indian economy is helping · Benefits are largely restricted to
the government to train people those Indians who can speak English…read more

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