Influence Of The Media

Influence of the Media
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Influence of the Media
There are many different forms of media:
The Media has 4 key roles:
To inform ­ for example, on results, team analysis or player preparation, or
To educate ­ for example, on global sporting issues, sports skills, coaching
techniques or local sporting provision.
To entertain ­ for example, with live coverage of an event or information about
stars private lives, or a documentary on a particular teams pre competition
To advertise ­ either directly or indirectly through sponsorship
Positive outcomes the media can have
Advertise new sports to children to increase game play of less popular sports
To improve players skill levels by showing coaching techniques
People stay informed about the latest sport news
Can shatters stereotypes
Negative outcomes the media can have
Invades privacy of performers
Can advertise things which aren't healthy such as beer
Concentrate on main sports and not less popular sports
Shows when people have done something wrong e.g. taken drugs (role models)
Can create stereotypes


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