Unit 302 Exploring gastronomy task A

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  • Unit 302 Exploring Gastronomy: Brazil
    • Culture
      • The culture affects the cuisine cause in different areas a different culture will influence the cuisine
    • Geography
      • The geography impacts the cuisine cause most of the produce can be grown across the country
    • Science And Technology
      • The science and technology affect brazils cuisine cause it makes it easier to harvest crops
    • Gastronomy is they study of food and culture.
    • social media
      • When the brazil world cup was on that attarcted a lot of social media towards brazil which will get people intrested in brazil and its cuisine
    • Trends
      • The stalls in the street (street food) have become a big trend over lots of different countries
    • sustainabilty
      • Sustainability will affect the cuisine by making the food become more tastier and better
    • Individulas
      • Individuals like Andy Bates would impact the cuisine by making a tv show about the food and will make people wanting to go and try the food
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