Companion Animal Industry

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  • companion animal industry
    • animals kept for company, amusement, physical support, extravert display etc.
    • Anthropomorphism-  putting human characteristicson an animals
    • reasons to own companion animal
      • company
      • social support
      • status symbols - showing of wealth by getting expensive animals e.g. KOI CARPS
      • Life skills - children learn life skills through pets e.g. taking care of something, dealing with death and being responsible
      • Relaxation
      • recovery  - animal assisted therapy
    • influencing factors
      • Pet care mirrors the market of the human world
      • Pets entering the UK under the Pets transport scheme have increase!
      • human medical techniques and drugs applied to animals e.g. key hole surgery
      • Longer living pets = ageing pet population
    • Changing Industry
      • Increasing financial opportunities: Pet superstores now have built in vet surgeries.
        • made for the consumer in mind - can get pet products, and get the animal looked at all at the same time.
      • Specialized kennels - is a kennel and also a grooming parlour
      • education for schools: help kids to undertsand/ become aware
      • Advertising: showing animals through media  = MONEY!
    • Trends
      • mediia
      • fashion
      • status


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