Importance of earning money


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The importance of earning money In addition, gambling is not allowed in Islam. In Arabic
Muslims believe that it is acceptable to earn money `gamble' means `easy' or `without effort'. Islam
and for Muslims to own property and establish teaches that money should be earned through honest
businesses. `No one eats better food than that work, not won through depending on luck in games of
which they have earned by their won labours'. chance. Mosques refuse to accept donations from
Riches do not make a person superior to a poor money gained by gambling.
person because having riches brings a responsibility Muslims need to remember that money needs to be
to help others. used for good purposes. For e.g: to look after the
However, in Islam it is haram to make money by family, to help the Muslim community and to support
charging excessive interest on a loan. This is forbidden poor and needy. Money should not be gambled or
because it is seen as a way of exploiting people who wasted on unnecessary luxuries whilst others in the
need to borrow money. If someone is in need, it is Ummah do not have enough to live `Waste not by
more compassionate to give to charity than to make excess, for Allah does nit love waster'.
the person pay back large amounts of interest.



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