Poverty and Wealth

My notes for the Poverty and Wealthy AQA R.E Unit (Christianity) including key notes and ideas for the Christian view.

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Poverty and Wealth
Key Words:
Charity/ Charitable: Giving time/money/skills.
Moral and Immoral:
Absolute poverty: No access to healthcare, education or jobs. No running water or electricity.
Agape: Unconditional love, loving people for who they are regardless of whether or not they love
you back.
Causes of Poverty:
- Natural disasters.
- War.
- A corrupt government.
- Lack of education.
- Greed.
Christian Responses to Poverty:
Christians believe they have a duty to help those in need, they might do this by:
- Feeding the homeless.
- Building schools/ teaching abroad.
- Helping orphanages.
- Trying to change the law (protests)
- Working for and buying fair trade goods.
- Giving money to charity or working for a charity.
- Doing good in the inner cities.
Christian Responses to Wealth:
- Being wealthy is not a bad thing, selfishness and greed are.
Moral Jobs Immoral Jobs
Teaching Any job that exploits people: sweat shops, the
making of weaponry.
The Army because you are protecting people The Army because you are killing people.
Nursing etc. Environmentally damaging jobs and sex based
jobs (prostitution etc.)
Just as Christians believe that there is a right and wrong way to earn money, they also believe there
are right and wrong ways to spend money, such as Gambling.

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Key Ideas and Quotes:
"Love your neighbour as you love yourself"
Mother Teresa: She left the security of the convent in order to help people in the slums of Calcutta.
She cared for the sick and elderly, made orphanages and educated the poor.
"The Love of money is the root of all evil"
Christians might give to a Christian charity because they have the same morals, e.g. humans are
more important than animals.…read more


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