Rich and Poor in British Society

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  • Rich+Poor in British Society
    • Religious Attitudes
      • Christian
        • "Money is the root of all evil"
        • It's how you use your wealth that is important
          • If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need, how can he love god?'
        • It's OK to be wealthy as long as it's from lawful means
        • Striving for money takes focus away fro  God
          • 'No one can serve two masters... You cannot serve god and money'
        • Excess wealth should be shared
          • Parable of the rich fool
          • It's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to pass into heaven
      • Muslim
        • Wealth is a gift from Allah and should be used to help others
        • We are judged on how we use our wealth
        • 'To try and earn a lawful livelihood is an obligation in Islam.'
        • 'Wine and gambling are filthy tricks of satan'
        • Sadaqah encourages voluntary giving
        • Zakah
          • All Muslims give 2.5% of their saving each year
    • Causes of Poverty
      • Unemployment
      • Wasteful Spending
      • Gambling
      • Laziness
      • Debt
      • Lack of Education
      • Family Situation
        • POVERTY TRAP
          • Not being able to break out of poverty
      • Homelessness
        • Not able to get a job without a fixed address
      • Low wage


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