poverty and wealth also charity.

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  • poverty and wealth
    • Wealth means to have money and material posesions
      • Christians believe this is the reason why people are greedy.
      • Christians teach that wealth is not bad.
        • Some famous Christians are rich but still believe in God.
      • "No one can serve two masters...You cannot serve both God and money
        • A major problem is disease from hiv and other major diseases.
          • Some of these issues are natural like droughts.
            • Reason have against wealth.
              • God suggests that christians should earn money in moral ways.
              • Occupations  which are illmoral or that expolit humanity
                • Shouldn't ear money ways that may harm people.
              • Christians bleieve that they have a duty to give to charity
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                • Christian aid is important because example of how christians help for less fortunate people
                  • Mother Teresa is important figure because she set the order of the Missionaries of charity
                    • Louvre;means to give some of their income to poor people.Many use 10% as guidline
    • 25% of the worlds population is developed.
      • 80% percent of the world wealth ha not chqnged.


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