Zakah in Islam

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  • Zakah in Islam
    • Sharing of wealth
      • Giving Money to the Poor and unfortunate
      • Helping other People
    • Compulsary
      • Every Muslim has duty to pay Zakah
        • Obligation
    • Act of Compassion and Dedication
    • 3rd Pillar of Islam
      • After Salah in the Pillars of Islam
        • The Holy Qur'an says: Zakah stands second in its importance
    • Eliminates Poverty
    • Purify the heart
    • When Payable
      • A certain percentage of the wealth should be distributed in the right manner
    • Means to Purify or Cleanse
    • Keeping wealth clean from greed and selfishness
    • Honest with their earning and expenditure
    • Act of Ibadah (worship)
      • Obedience to God
      • Sadaqah
        • Voluntary contribution to help the poor and needy


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