Wealth & Poverty Islam questions

Islam questions on wealth and poverty

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Wealth & Poverty
1) Explain these terms...
a. LEDC-
b. MEDC-
c. World Poverty-
d. Justice-
e. Ummah-
f. Charity-
g. Zakah-
h. Sadaqah-
i. Emergency Aid-
j. Long Term Aid-
2) Explain the causes of poverty.
3) What is the basic community?
4) What is zakah?
5) What do Muslims believe about zakah?
6) What is Sadaqah?
7) What do Muslims believe about Sadaqah?
8) What is emergency aid?
9) What is long term aid?

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Explain what Islamic Relief does.
11) Explain what Muslim Aid does.
12) Explain Muslims organisation in the UK.
13) Explain the UK Mission: Working for Harmony does.…read more


Miss KHP

Really good questions used for those students wanting to test themselves on wealth and poverty for the AQA exam. 

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