Religious Attitudes to Rich and Poor

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  • Religious Attitudes to the Rich and Poor
    • Christianity
      • People have been given talents, so should not waste them
        • Use them to earn money
      • There is temptation to make more than needed
        • Takes people's attention away from God
        • 'The love of money is the root of all evil'
      • Wealth is God-given
      • Christians should exercise stewardship in how they use their money
    • Buddhism
      • Wealth leads to craving and selfishness
      • Wealth cannot lead to true happiness
      • Monks/Nuns are respected for giving up their money and possessions
    • Most religions accept that there will always be rich and poor people
    • Religions teach equality
      • Show equal care and respect
    • Spirtual riches are more important than material riches
      • What matteres most is what people do with their money, not how much they have
    • Religions expect rich people to use their wealth to help others


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