impact of ict on organisations

including the advanatges and disadvantages of teleworking for the employee and the company

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Impact of ICT on organisations
Structure of an organisation
ICT has allowed companies to spread departments out over different
locations as communication has improved
ICT created need for ne departments and jobs such as ICT directors,
network managers, ICT training managers
Teleworking- working from home
For the employee
Advantages Disadvantages
Work the hours you want- organise Always on call- because you are at
your time to suit you so you could workhome your employer may think you are
all morning or all afternoon with breaks
more free so you can do more work than
is expected of you
Organise the work arounf family needs- Distractions- get distracted by things
look after children and work at the like family and TV
same time
Save travelling time/cost- reduce time Work long hours- without set start and
travelling to work and cost of fuel, finish times, you may overwork yourself
public transport, car parking fees
Environmental benefits- can reduce Work social life- miss out on talking to
amount of fuel used, reducing the your colleagues and may feel lonely at
carbon footprint home
Collaborate with others- due to
internet and networking you can
communicate eith people without having
to meet them
For the company
Advantages Disadvantages
Smaller premises- with fewer Keeping an eye on progress- hard to
employees you need less buildings or track employees progress and time will
office space and less car parking be spent on trying to contact them all
facilities to hire out
Less energy used- fewer buildings and Meeting deadlines- harder for
less employees mean heating and companies to do this as employees can
electricity costs will be lower get distracted more at home
Skilled workers can be away from head Keeping up standards- hard to keep up
quarters to use their skills in other standards with scattered workforce
departments unless regular training sessions are
Keep skilled employees on- if a Keeping up a good team- managers can
employee needs to leave a company due motivate workers by giving support and
to illness then the company can allow

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Dispersed workforce- allows a company Health, safety and insurance- companies
to increase the impact of their company are liable for welfare of workers at
further afield home…read more


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