Impacts Of Ict In the society

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Impacts Of ICT In The Society
ICT has allowed companies to spread departments out over different locations
as communication has improved. Also ICT created need for more departments
and jobs such as ICT directors, network managers, and ICT training managers.
For instance, due to ICT many people can now work from the comfort of their
own homes. The advantage to the employee are that they work they hours
you want and they can organise their time to suit themselves so they can work
all morning or all afternoon with breaks. They can organise the work around
family needs- look after children and work at the same time. However working
from home may have it disadvantages such as they could get distracted by
things like family and TV. Also work long hours- without set start and finish
times, they may overwork.
ICT has helped vastly in education as Learning is now more interactive as
teachers are able to prepare more dynamic lessons using multimedia due to
the use of smart boards that allow a computer screen to be displayed to the
rest of the class meaning, video, presentations and other multimedia can be
used. Also Students now have access to a larger source of information due to
the internet; they can use revision websites, video tutorials, podcasts and
games to help with their learning. However those students that do not have
internet access at home may feel left out as they cannot access work given to
them on the internet. This may lead to students being less likely to succeed
than those who have access to the internet as home.
ICT has allowed the police department to use technology to help them catch
criminals quicker. Face recognition software is being used in towns and cities to
identify criminal and then track them down. Also it has the people to those
who are driving illegally. For instance ANPR cameras are fitted to police cars
and alert the police to cars with no insurance or tax, as these cameras are
connected to the national database. However the disadvantage is that the
police may not have access to the database in times where the connection to
the server is poor.


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