impact of ict on organisations

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Impact of ICT on organisations
Firstly, people were afraid that ICT would case unemployment by replacing
people with computers. And to some extent this did happen.
However, jobs have been created by ICT and the ICT industry is one of the
biggest out there. In the UK manufacturing companies have declined and
skilled in software and hardware development have increased.
Structure of an organisation
Organisations used to have to be located in similar well built areas.
All departments of that organisation had to be in the same location
ICT has allowed companies to expand to different geographical locations as
communication has improved.
Companies have also created new departments and companies due to ICT
such as ICT directors, network managers and departments, and ICT training
managers and departments
ICT has allowed employees to work from home. This has advantages and
disadvantages for that employee and the company:
For the employee
advantages disadvantages
Work the hours you want- you can Always on call- because you are at home
organise your time to suit you, so you your employer may think that you are
could work all morning or all afternoon, more free so you can do more work than
and take breaks when you want what is expected of you
Organise work around family needs- Distractions- working from home can
you are able to work at home so you can only work if you are motivated,
look after children at the same time as otherwise you can get distracted by
working other things such as family, or the TV
Saves travelling time and costs- reduce Work long hours- without certain start
time used when travelling to work and and finish times you may feel the need
the cost of fuel, public transport or to overwork yourself
car parking fees
Environmental benefits- you will be Work social life- you will miss out on
able to reduce amount of fuel you burn talking with your colleagues and may
reducing your carbon footprint feel lonely at home
Collaborate with others- due to the
internet and networking you can
communicate with other people without
having to meet them in person

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For the company
advantages Disadvantages
Smaller premises- with fewer Keeping an eye on progress- it can be
employees in the office you will need hard to track employers progress and
fewer buildings or office space and will mean that time will be spent trying
fewer car parking facilities to hire out.…read more


Mr A Gibson

A good table which shows the advantages and disadvantages related to the use of ICT to organisations - the pros and the cons! Use this to create a set of revision cards.

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