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IT chapter 4 spreadsheet revision


Object modelling Financial modelling
Allow a virtual representation to be Often done with spreadsheets
Model is interactive: it can be rotated, Easy layout in rows and columns so
zoomed in and out, and different layers everything is logical and easy to follow.

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Or it could be a cell name e.g. VAT_RATE


An instruction to the computer to process data held in specific cells
He way the calculation is represented on the spreadsheet
Formulas use addresses of cells (cell references or names) and mathematical
operators such as * or /
Example of…

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It can be shared with different people Some things have lots of variables and
via email are hard to model like human behaviour
No additional software is needed as
spreadsheets are standard business
software, most people know how to use
them so no training is needed
Quicker and cheaper to…

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A range of cells that run vertically down the page
They are identified by letters
If a column is deleted then they are renumbered automatically
A column can be hidden from the user


A data store that holds a piece of data
They are identified by their row…


Mr A Gibson


A decent set of notes which covers the basics and some more complex facts such as examples of some functions. Gives a good in depth coverage of the basics which will help with exam questions.

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