Info 1 Topic 3: Design of Solutions

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  • Design of Solutions
    • Design Tools
      • Provided in the software application that you see to solve the identified problem
      • Sometimes there is more than one software package that could solve a problem.
        • The software package with the most appropriate features will be chosen by the designer.
    • Design of Data Entry into ICT systems
      • Techniques
        • Data entry forms
        • Video capture and transfer
        • Audio capture and transfer
        • Automatic input
      • Verfication
        • Ensures datat is correctly transferred or entered into a computer from the medium that it was originally stored on.
        • Barcode Verification
          • Check digit- A digit attached to the end of a string of digits. If a digit is misread the check digit calculation will be in error.
        • Manual Entry
          • On-Screen Prompts
            • Entered data is redisplayed on the screen. The user needs to confirm that all of the data is correct, otherwise they need to retype it.
            • E.g: On-line shopping transactions
          • Dual Input
            • Data entered by a keyboard  is typed in twice by different people. The two copies of the data are compared. If the two copies agree it is assumed the the data is correct.
      • Validation
        • Automatic check made by a computer to ensure that any data entered into the computer is valid and sensible.
        • Methods of Validation
          • Presence Check
            • Checks that data has been entered into a field, and not left blank.
          • Type Check
            • Checks that an entered value is of a particular type. E.g: Currency
          • Length Check
            • Checks that data is no longer than a particular number of characters. E.g: Mobile number
          • Range Check
            • Checks that an entered value falls within a particular range. E.g: 1-9
          • Format Check
            • Checks that an entered value has a particular format. E.g: Postcode
    • Design of Output of Information
      • You should design the required output prior to deciding what the processing necessary for that solution is
      • Output hardware devices
        • Chosen and justified
      • Output format
        • On screen display
        • Printed hard copy
        • Sound/ video clip
    • Design of Processes
      • In designing solutions it is useful to decide on what processes are to be used.
      • If the processes are specified exactly, it makes it possible for a 3rd party to implement the system.
      • Processing required for a solution depends on the software application used.
        • Website Design
          • Image manipulation
          • Detail of data entry
          • Insertion of external hyperlinks
          • Insertion of internal hyperlinks
          • Features like CSS
          • Communication
        • Spreadsheet
          • List of all the formulae used for calculation
          • Sorting and filtering data
          • Macro programming
          • Any logical functions
          • LOOKUP function
          • Detail of validation checks
    • Produce Designs for Implementation by a Third Party
      • Essential that the designer produces sufficient documentation and notes to allow the system to be implemented by someone else.
      • The system is not always analysed, designed and implemented by the same person.


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