ICT pre release assignment (PDF)

ICT pre release assignment (PDF)

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Unit 2: How Organisations Use ICT
To be opened on receipt
· This document consists of 12 pages. Any blank pages are indicated.
© OCR 2009 [Y/102/6808] OCR is an exempt Charity
SP (CW) T73060/3 Turn over

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Read the attached case study and these instructions carefully, then carry out the tasks detailed below.
There are two types of task.
In Task 1 you will produce notes that will help you to answer questions in the examination for this unit.
There are 30 marks available for Tasks 2 and 3.
You will need your completed tasks when you take the examination for this unit.…read more

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Task 3
Bedrooms4U has a website but this is currently only used to display pictures of example bedrooms and
provide a list of showrooms. The Sales and Marketing Director of Bedrooms4U is concerned that the
companys website is not being used to its full potential.
Carry out some research and produce a word-processed report for the Sales and Marketing Director.
Your report must evaluate additional facilities the website could offer in relation to Bedrooms4U and its
customers.…read more

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Bedrooms4U case study
Bedrooms4U is a company that supplies and installs fitted bedrooms to meet customers requirements.
The company has a head office and warehouse on two separate sites on an out-of-town business park.
The company also has a factory where the bedroom furniture is manufactured. This is on an industrial
estate some distance away. There are a number of showrooms, in town centres and shopping centres,
where potential customers can view examples of the fitted bedrooms that can be supplied.…read more

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Part of the marketing staffs role is advertising the company. They produce glossy brochures to
display the companys products, including photographs of bedrooms that have been installed. A
freelance photographer is hired to take the photographs. As part of the contract with Bedrooms4U, the
photographer agrees to transfer the image rights to the company.
The Sales and Marketing Director is also responsible for overseeing all the showrooms. Each showroom
is run by a branch manager.…read more

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Fig. 1). The salesperson then selects
the required material, finish, handles, and internal fittings from drop-down lists, as well as the colour
and design of the carpet and curtains, if required. The software uses this information to render the
design and produce a 3-D image of the finished bedroom on screen. The design can be adjusted until
the customer is happy with the result. Their name and contact details are added to the design, which is
saved on the laptop computer s hard drive.
Fig.…read more

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Order processing procedures
When an order form and deposit are received in the head office, an order-processing clerk enters the
details of the order into the SOP software using data entry forms (See Fig. 2).…read more

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The product number is entered using a drop-down list and the quantity is entered using the keyboard.
The product number is used to search the stock database to display the item description and price.
The system multiplies the unit price by the quantity to give the total price for that item. The cost of any
ordered items such as carpets is keyed in. The total order value is then calculated by the system and
added to the sales of the named salesperson.…read more

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Appendix 1 ­ Organisational Structure
Managing Director
© OCR 2009
Sales & Marketing Finance & Administration Operations Director
Director Director
Marketing HR Admin Chief Production Distribution Warehouse
Manager Manager Manager Accountant Manager Manager Manager
Order ICT Production
G041/IC Jan09
Processing Technicians Assistant
Distribution Warehouse
Clerks Assistants
Marketing HR Admin Accounts
Assistants Assistants Assistants Clerks
Salespeople Admin Installation
Assistants Engineers
Turn over…read more

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Appendix 2 ­ A quotation and order form
Quotation and Order form
Quotation for: Quotation No: 08SL127JA
Mr and Mrs G Jagee Date of quotation: 14 November 2008
4 The Brackens Date of survey: 10 November 2008
Wilts NT3 8HR Salesperson: Sam Lee
Quotations are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.
Product No Description Quantity Unit Price (£) Total (£)
WF1600B 1600mm wardrobe frame ­ beech 3 130.00 390.00
SD1600M 1600mm sliding doors ­ mirror 3 130.00 390.…read more


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