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Varun Pratap
Impact of ICT on Education
Point Impact Consequence
Teachers are able to Makes it easier to teach and Teaching students is a faster process
utilize ICT for convey information to students. due to pre-made lessons so teachers can
preparation. spend more time on revision.
Students are able to Students are able to use ICT to Students are more aware of things and
utilize ICT for notes and help them in get a better understanding of the topic.
resources. homework/coursework by getting
information from the Internet.
Point Impact Consequence
Misuse of ICT for Homework isn't thought out Students don't get a general
homework. properly and instead is copied understanding of the homework and
from a website through using ICT don't put effort since ICT has the
which is plagiarism. information.
Impact of ICT on Digital Piracy
Point Impact Consequence
People are able to save The less money spent on People save on costs and don't have to
money through purchasing films and music means spend it on liabilities meaning they have
downloading songs and people can purchase things of more money to spend for more important
movies online. greater use. uses.
Digital Piracy used to People can make profits from Others can save on costs from
make pirate copies and reselling cheaper copies of a music purchasing the music or film for a
reselling copies of the or film. cheaper price.
music or film.
Point Impact Consequence
Digital Piracy used to Artists and Film Production Could get caught for Piracy and could
make pirate copies and companies aren't able to gain face a jail sentence. Film companies
reselling copies of the profits if this is done. could go into administration due to lack
music or film. of customers.
Impact of ICT on Entertainment

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Varun Pratap
Point Impact Consequence
Ability to watch a movie People can freely watch a movie in Time is saved when watching at home,
in the comfort of your their own home than having to go than watching elsewhere e.g. a cinema.
own home. to a cinema.
Ability to access People can stay inside rather than Almost anyone can get access to things
practically anything being limited to the amount of through the touch of a button. Allows
through the internet e.g. entertainment available outside.…read more


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