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ICT systems and there components

What is ICT? ICT is the use of input, processing, storage and transfer of data and the output of

Input, process and Output:
Data is entered via an input device such as a barcode reader
Calculations and queries are performed on the data through…

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Procedures: Organisations have a governed code which makes sure the employee's use the ICT
system in the correct way. All laws and legist rations have to be taken into account when using
ICT systems. These include the Data protection act, Computer Misuse Act, the copyright,
designs and information act


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ICT systems: System software is a set of programs that act together to allow the hardware and
the application programs to work. ICT systems that are used by organisations have been
designed to be used by people and commissioned for a particular purpose. Key factors that have
to be taken…

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instructions and joysticks and concept keyboards, as they will learn much easier with these
devices, as they aren't advanced users.

Some benefits and limitations of user interfaces:
Graphical user interface (GUI) Friendly easy to use but can be frustrating for advanced
users. The negative is that the take up a…

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components, as it's the basis of an entire network. Servers are connected to one or more
network switches, which look like hubs. They improve network performance.

Network switch: Hardware device that joins multiple computers together at the data link
network protocol layer

The Internet: The Internet is the ultimate WAN…

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access to some areas and wont be aloud into some files as they will be password
Security attack: Any action that compromises the security of data held by the organisation.
Procedures can be taken:
For example always lock your computer when your not using it

Data protection Act 1998:…

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Improved accessibility of information and services: Websites have meant information can be
accessed 24hrs a day and can be updated 24hrs a day. Education has benefited hugely as
previously students may have to go to the library to gather certain information now books and
information can be accessed online. BBC…


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