ICT - exam notes (processes for BEDROOMS4U assignment)

ICT - exam notes (processes for BEDROOMS4U assignment)

These notes include:

  • inputs
  • outputs
  • processes
  • storage
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Input Process Output
Inputs in Bedrooms4U:
Customer's name
Contact details
The dimensions of the bedroom
Name and contact details added on design
Labour costs entered by salesperson
Product number entered using dropdown lost (storage)
The proposed installation date is entered into the SOP (sales order processing) software
The deposit amount entered by a member of accounts who accesses the order details
Quantity of the items entered using the keyboard
Warehouse manager is also able to input the product number of any item to check whether there are
any items in stock.
Outputs in Bedrooms4U:
Sending out application forms
Producing glossy brochures to display the company's products
All correspondence from the show room (letters to customers)
Confirmation purchase orders for goods/services
Warehouse manager produces a number of reports (purchase orders for more stocks)
Quotation (communication)
Salesperson emails final designs and quotation.
Admin assistants print design.
Quotation posted to the customer.
Processes in Bedrooms4U:
Creation of scale drawing of the bedroom (using design software)
Salesperson selects required material, finish, handles and internal fittings.
Dropdown lists ­ storage/input/process
Software uses the information to render the design and produce 3D Image
Software generates list of the parts and adds it to the costs of parts and then calculates and
adds VAT.
Quantity added to number in stock field.
When goods are removed to fill an order, the same inputs are made but the quantity is
deducted (procedure in the warehouse)
Storage for Bedrooms4U:
Dropdown lists
Laptop computer's hard drive

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Information at Bedrooms4U is obtained from the salespeople (face to face) with the customer. If an
order is made then the new stocks arrive where the barcode is scanned and the quantity of items being
sold is entered (using the keyboard). Labour costs are also obtained face to face between the
salesperson and the branch manager.…read more


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