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· Aaland Islands, 1921
· Upper Silesia, 1921
· Economic collapse in Austria &
Hungary, 1922-3
· Greek-Bulgarian dispute, 1925
· Vilna, 1920
· Corfu, 1923…read more

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Successes…read more

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Aaland Islands, 1921
· Dispute over possession of the Aaland Islands
between Sweden and Finland
· Took it to the league, and they decided Finland
should have the islands
· Both countries accepted the league's decision
Economic Collapse, Austria &
Hungary, 1922-3
· Austria and Hungary were on the brink of
bankruptcy due to reparations and weak
economies after the war
· The league arranged international loans and
helped them manage their finances
· They were able to begin economic recovery…read more

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Upper Silesia, 1921
· A plebiscite area with large numbers of Germans and Poles
living in it
· Voted to rejoin Germany by 700,000 to 420,000
· League split it:
· Germany got most of the land & population
· Poland got most of the industry
· Germany bitter about this, but both countries accepted the
The Greek-Bulgarian
decision (messy compromise)
Dispute 1925
Greek-Bulgarian border the source of dispute
· After some violent incidents, Greece invaded Bulgaria
· League condemned Greece's actions and pressurised them
to withdraw
· They did so…read more

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Failures…read more

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