The League of Nations 1920s to 1930s- Failures/Successes and Final Death Blow

Everything you need to know about the League of Nations

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The League of Nations…read more

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What was it?
· The League of Nations was the 14th of Wilson's
famous 14 points.
· It was based on a covenant based on 26 articles.
Article 10 was the most important; it stated that
countries in the League would protect each other
from threat and aggression (collective security).
· It met for the first time in 1920 at Geneva in
neutral Switzerland. Geneva became the
headquarters for the League of Nations…read more

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What were their aims?
· To prevent countries from being aggression
· To encourage countries to disarm
· To encourage countries to co-operate,
especially through business and trade.
· To improve living and working conditions
around the world.…read more

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How was the League of Nations
The General Assembly- had representatives from all member countries. They
met once a year and made decisions on issues and conflict. Their decisions
had to be unanimous and so took a long time.
The Council of the League- Had four permanent members: Japan, Italy,
Britain and France. Non-permanent members served for three years. They
took the major decisions such as how to deal with disputes- they had
three sanctions-MORAL, ECONOMIC and MILITARY.
The Court of International Justice- set up to deal with disputes and was made
up of judges from member countries. However, they could not always
ensure that their decisions were carried out.
The Secretariat- wrote reports and kept records of meetings
ILO (International Labour Organisation)- brought together employers,
governments and workers' representatives every year. Their aim was to
improve the working conditions around the world.
Special Commissions and Committees- Mandates, Refugees, Minorities,
Slavery, Drug Addiction, Health...…read more

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Why did the USA never join the
· Many Americans did not approve of the Treaty
of Versailles and the League was supposed to
enforce it.
· Americans did not want their troops to be
solving other countries' disputes
· Some thought it would be economically
· Many Americans were anti-British and anti-
French.…read more

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How successful was the League in
solving disputes in the 1920s?
1920- VILNA- Poland invaded Vilna in Lithuania.
Lithuania appealed to the League. The League
protested to Poland but Poland did not
withdraw. It was a failure for the League-
Britain and France were unwilling to send
their troops. French saw Poland as a potential
ally against Germany in the future.…read more

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