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How does Aid affect
Development ?
L/O t.b.a.t
Define key terms
Explain how Aid can speed up development…read more

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Write down as many different forms of Aid
you can think of
Can these be separated into different
categories ?…read more

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Key terms for aid
International Aid-from MEDC to LEDC, can be from a
charity or government
Official government aid-in UK is DfID-decide amount given
and who it is given to
NGO-private organisations that work on big issues facing
humanity. May work with government, but are not controlled
by government
Voluntary Aid-run by NGOs like Oxfam. Sometimes
government money now goes to NGOs as they are experts
Bilateral aid v Multilateral Aid…read more

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Key term definitions
Define the following giving examples where
International Aid
Official Government Aid
Voluntary Aid
Bilateral Aid
Multilateral Aid…read more

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How does aid help?
Provide vital investment in agriculture and
water supply, buy machinery
Finance new infrastructure
All to increase quality of life…read more

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But does it sometimes hinder?
Certainly all LEDCs which have become NICs have received
aid-but it would be overly simplistic to say that is the main or
only reason for improvement
Deeper criticism
Doesn't reach poorest
Benefits are short lived
Aid `tied' to purchasing goods from donor country
Can be capital intensive projects which worsen conditions
of poorest people
Areas can become too dependent on aid…read more


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