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Development Revision
This is the more difficult human topic.
Take it slow and revise hard!…read more

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· Knows what development means
· Know the different ways development can be measured
· Knows the limitations of the development indicators
· Knows different ways to classify the world
· Knows the differences and perceptions of QoL and SoL
· Knows how a natural hazard can affect development
· Knows how trade can be imbalanced and possible solutions to this
· Knows the impact of trading groups and fair trade
· Knows how access to water links to development
· Knows the political influences in development
· Knows how debt can be reduced
· Knows the different types of aid used
· Knows a case study of an aid project
· Knows how two countries in the EU differ in development
· Knows how the EU is trying to reduce differences in development…read more

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What is development?
Development is when a country is improving
The level of development is different in
different countries.…read more

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Development Indicators A method of measuring
· Single Indicator Vs Composite indicator
Name What is it? A measure of Extra
GDP Total value of goods and services Wealth (Nothing -GDP could be high but can
produced a country else) have lots of rich people.
GNI Total value of goods and services Wealth (Nothing See above
people of that nationality else)
produce a year (GDP + money
from people abroad)
Birth Rate Live babies born per thousand of Womens' Rights -Shows an extra side of
the population per year development, not just money
People per doctor Average number of people per Health -Links further into
doctor development
HDI Life expectancy, literacy rate, Lots Composite indicator
education level and income
· Lots of the indicators are linked- e.g. Money can be spent on health care…read more

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Measures have limitations
· Many of the measures are averages (elite
groups of variations don't show up
­ E.g. Iran, quite high GNI but lots of very poor
people and inequality
· One indicator could improve more than
others, making it seem less developed than it
· Using lots of measures (composite indicator)
avoids this…read more

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Types of Country
· MEDC and LEDC doesn't tell you the way
countries are developing
· Rich Industrialising Countries
· NICs- Newly Industrialised Countries
· Oil Exporting Countries
· Heavily indebted poor
· Former communist countries…read more

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