GCSE Geography: Development


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Name What is it A Measure Of...
Gross Domestic Product Wealth
GDP per capita Wealth
Birth rate Female education and
availability of birth control
Death rate Quality of and access to
Infant Mortality Rate Sanitation and healthcare
People per doctor Access to healthcare
Literacy rate Access to education
Access to safe water Sanitation
Life Expectancy Quality of and access to
A Brandt line divides the rich countries in the north and the poorer countries in the south.
Environmental factors that affect how developed a country is
Poor Climate Poor Farming Limited Water Lots of Natural Few Raw
Land Supplies Hazards Materials
Can't grow much Won't produce Harder to Affects peoples' Make less money
food produce food lives or property
Reduces food Lead to Lead to Spend a lot of Fewer products to
produced Malnutrition Malnutrition money on sell
Lead to Less money as Less money as Reduce quality of Less money to
Malnutrition there is fewer there is fewer life spend on
crops to sell crops to sell development
Less money as Government gets Government gets Less money Don't have money
there is fewer less money from less money from government has to exploit raw
crops to sell taxes taxes materials (roads)
Government gets Can't spend on
less money from development
taxes projects
Political factors that slow development

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Unable government will not invest in things like healthcare and education
Corrupt governments allows some people in the country to get richer while others stay poor
If there is a war the country loses money that could be spent on development
Economic factors affecting the level of development
Poor Trade Links Lots of debt An economy based on
Primary products
Won't make a lot of money Paid back with interest Don't make much profit
Trade with a small amount of No money to develop as…read more


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