What is an MEDC?
More Economically Developed Country
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What is an LEDC
Less Economically Developed Country
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What is an NIC?
Newly Industrialised Country
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What is development?
A change or process of growth for the better.
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What is aid?
Is giving of resources from one country to another.
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Name three types of aid.
Bilateral Aid, Multilateral Aid, Voluntary Aid
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How do you know if something is sustainable?
If it lasts into the future, if it meets the needs of the people and makes money, if it doesn't cause enironmental damage.
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What is the human development index (HDI)?
It is a quick way to compare countries.
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Why do some countries lag so far behind in development?
Because of Historical Reasons, Enironmental Reasons and Socio-economic Reasons.
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What is the development gap?
Is the difference between the most and least developed country.
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Name three facotors affecting development.
Climate, trade and debt.
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What is swash?
Is the white foamy water that rushes up the coast.
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What is backwash?
Is the flow back to the sea after the wave has broken.
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What are contructive waves?
Waves that break on the shore and deposit material, building up beaches.
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What are destructive waves?
Waves that erode the coasts and rocks.
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What is an LEDC


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What is an NIC?


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