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Essay Writing Guidelines
Analyse and define the question.
Set the question in its wider context by giving background information on the event, issue or
development and/or explain some of the terms of the question.
Indicate the relevant factors or the main ideas that you are going to use to explain the event,
issue or development.
Have a clear line of argument. This means that even at this stage you should be indicating what
you believe to be the most important factors in explaining the event development or issue.
Main points
Use dates!!
You must make the argument that you believe X happened in some part because of Y. Present the
evidence that shows Y was important. Then explain why you believe the evidence you have
presented in relation to Y explains X.
The main points should be:
Focused directly on the question
Supported by evidence
Constant and balanced throughout the essay
Aware of alternative interpretations and debate (views of historians)
Set out each point by:
Start your argument each time by focusing directly on the question.
Use evidence to support your argument.
Argue the importance of this information.
Use more evidence to support your argument.
Your argument must be balanced. You should be aware of some alternative
interpretations and debate, although this would not be required for every factor in your
Summarise the argument (the points you have made to explain the event, development or issue)
Have balance by showing that some things are more important than others and that there may be
differing views.
Come to an overall judgment directly related to the question.

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