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How Successful was Margaret Thatcher in
Achieving her Aims in Foreign Policy?
(The section in italics I'm sure is not necessary, especially for an assessed essay but I
enjoyed writing a little pre introduction)!!
Margaret Thatcher's election as prime minister of the Conservative government in
1979 marked a turning point in British foreign policy. 'Thatcherism'.…read more

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Franks Report calling incompetence, Thatcher had shown Britain to be a…read more

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British people but
also regional powers, even from the UN and especially the US by utilising her
strong links with President Reagan.The success of the Falklands war can be
analysed not only as a crucial factor in her electoral success in 1983 but as a
success on a far larger scale, a success in achieving her aims in raising the
national status and prestige of the UK in the eyes of the rest of the world.…read more


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