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HISTORY] Carney Battenti
General/ Summary Notes:
Reasons why the Movement came About
Timeline of events:
2…read more

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HISTORY] Carney Battenti
General/ Summary Notes:
IMPROVEMENTS BY 45? (Summary of 1870's - 1940's).
13th amendment = slavery made illegal.
14th amendment = Gain citizenship rights, regardless of race.
15th amendment = Right to vote for all, regardless of race.
Homestead Act = right to own property, regardless of race.
Share Cropping = joint ownership rights of farmland helps B's get Ec. independence.
Black Colleges, schools, church communities (strong in S.) Funeral Funds, etc.
Booker T. Washington and W. E. B. Dubois
Jazz Age.…read more

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HISTORY] Carney Battenti
Sweatt v. Painter 50 = Uni's ordered to accept Black student. Little impact.
Brown v. Board of education of Topeska 54 = overruled P. v. F. ordered desegregation of
Brown II = Desegregation of schools must occur with "all deliberate speed". Still no impact.
White backlash to Brown II. E.g. privatising schools to avoid desegregation.
20% of Congress signed the "Southern Manifesto". Opposing desegregation.
S. Authorities resisted change.
CORE and NAACP had not been able to perfect their tactics.…read more

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HISTORY] Carney Battenti
Civil Rights Act 64 = recognised gov's role to protect 14th/15th amendments (Equal
treatment and voting).
Selma Campaign 65 = increase voter registration. (Many other campaigns were like this).
Moynihan Report = claimed B's are responsible for their Ec. position. gov. were trying to
scapegoat (Would justify dropping J's Big Society) but it backfired with B. politician backlash.
Chicago = protests for fair housing in an all-white area turned to riots. MLK was attacked.…read more

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HISTORY] Carney Battenti
As a No to Improvements:
Soc./Ec. inequalities remained.
2nd class citizens.
Many changes were not de jure.
White Backlash was common.
In all essays:
Public attitude in the USA. (40's= racist as the norm, 50's = more sympathetic and
media-influenced, 60's = annoyed with B. supremacy, etc.).
Attitude in the world. (WW2, Cold War, MLK's Nobel Prize, 60's/70's activist movement).
President's/Congress' attitude. (Truman = CR-focused but not too determined.…read more

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HISTORY] Carney Battenti
7…read more

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HISTORY] Carney Battenti
Montgomery Bus boycott
Sparked by Rosa Parks, Dec 1 1955
Martin Luther King spoke to motivate people in Montgomery during her protest
MLK was involved
Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) used the churches
Gained more than it had intended: elimination of segregation
Used the media effectively
Little Rock
Sept 1957, students try to enrol in high school
Orval Faubus and Southern Manifesto prevent them
Ike sends in the national guard
Shows that federal government can stop racial inequality
Civil Rights Act passes…read more

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HISTORY] Carney Battenti
The last nonviolent moment
SNCC organised demonstrations
A massacre as 600 headed to Montgomery
Bloody Sunday
Jim Clark attacked brutally
MLK turns back second march
Malcolm X spoke, thanks to the SNCC
LBJ comes to support voting legislation
Results in Voting Rights act of 65
10 years after Rosa Parks
65, showing the end of peaceful protests
A direct result of Selma massacre
End of an era
Chicago, 66
From entry of movement into north
Newark, then Detroit, 67
Worst…read more

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HISTORY] Carney Battenti
desegregated the military
Ike (Dwight Eisenhower)
Appointed Earl Warren, the liberal, to do his dirty work
CR Act of 57:
Create a federal CR commission,
supreme court CR division
CR act of 60:
Ban interference with federal declarations on school desegregation,
judges can hear complaints against officals
Ike helped CR through appointing liberal justices to the Supreme Court
Both watered down to appease southerners
Civil rights act of 1964 (LBJ)
drastic legislation Prohibits discrimination in public accommodations on sex,…read more



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