Practice Exam Q- Youth In Nazi Germany

A basic run through of what to include in a question on Nazi youth to get full marks- for Edexcel AS History Modern, Nazi Germany module

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How do you account for the policies adopted by the Nazi regime towards young
people in the years 193339?
Dos and Don'ts of question A
Write 34 paragraphs (34 separate elements and extend)
Write an introductory sentence, not paragraph!
Ensure knowledge is accurate
Ensure you select your knowledge very carefully to fit the questionpick the best bits and
directly relevantcover main areas
Show off terminology (Volkesgemeinschaft, Thousand year Reich)
Do spell out links to the question
Explain significance wherever possible evaluation: "this was crucial to the Nazis
Spend more than 15 mins on the question
Include an introductory paragraph (it's NOT an essay)
Include anything that isn't completely relevant
Be careless with spelling and punctuation
Question A always asks for:
The above question is about Aims and Methods (don't really need effectsdon't include it
because not relevant)
Paragraph on different policy areas?
Link in aimsavoid dealing with aims and methods separately, INTEGRATE them!
Hitler Youth
Timetable changes
Control over teachers
Special schools to create Nazi elite


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