Hour Language Analysis - AQA Relationships Cluster

Notes based on Mr Bruff and BBC Bitesize.

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Language - Hour
Point Evidence Analysis
- - `Love's times - Time is a person, love is a beggar; love
Metaphor/personification beggar, but even a in a negative light. ­ Love is homeless +
single hour,/bright dependant on time.
as a dropped coin, - `single hour' = timed process.
makes love rich'. - `bright as a dropped coin' = payment
(coin dropped for beggar or suggests
hour is unexpected & precious)
- Traditional ideas - `spend it not on - Traditional ideas of romance are
flowers or wine' unimportant compared to the personal
experiences of the characters.
- Sibilance - `...but the whole -`s' = softness of words reflects
of the summer sky softness of grass. Enhances sense of
and a grass ditch' feeling and atmosphere.
- `summer sky' ­ lying flat on her back.
- `grass ditch' ­ a hidden area; realistic +
down to earth.
- Sibilance - `For thousands of - Enhances the atmosphere, imitates a
seconds we kiss;' soft kissing sound.
- Make each second count.
- Sense of time slowing down
(prolonged `s' sound)
- Cheating time ­ counting it in the
longest division ­ really 1000secs =
approx. 17mins.
- Simile - `...like treasure - Implies he/she is valuable. Love is a
on the ground; the treasure hunt?
Midas light/turning - King Midas: whatever he touches
your limbs to turned to gold ­ but he was cursed ­
gold...' Love comes at an expense?
- `Gold' = has qualities most other
metals lack. Properties of which remain
without tarnishing when exposed to air
or water.
- `limbs to gold' = effect of sunlight.
- Metaphor - `we are - "Time millionaires"
millionaires, - `backhanding' = bribing night ­ delay
backhanding the its coming. OR bribery within
night' relationship? - Can only meet during
the day ­ an affair?
- Personification - `so nothing dark - Night will not disturb.
will end our shining - `dark' = something
hour,' threatening/macabre.

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Highlight in life ­
obsessively focused on this moment ­
block out anything `dark'.
- Personification - `no jewel hold a - `jewel' ­ riches (can't afford)
candle to the - `candle' ­ historically used as a
cuckoo spit' method of keeping time.
- `cuckoo' ­ cuckoo clock strike the
hours with a sound like a common
cuckoos call. = Time.
- Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ­
everything in the eyes of the lover
becomes precious.…read more


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