AQA English Lit (Crucible, Of Mice and Men and Poetry: Relationships )

This include characters and themes of 'The Crucible', character descriptions of 'Of Mice and Men' and analysis of the poems in the Relationships section of AQA Anthology. There are also brief tips for the language paper at the very end.

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GCSE…read more

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The Crucible
Arthur Miller…read more

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The Crucible…read more

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Initially a good man who is honest, independent and a good
Married to Elizabeth
Had an affair with Abigail Williams
Guilty about it but stays quiet to protect family name
Wants justice and knows that girls/Abigail are lying
Persuasive ­ tells Mary to be truthful
Confesses to Adultery in order to expose Abigail but defeated
when Elizabeth lies for him
Signs a confession ­ rather die than lose his name
Judges himself a lot
Lots of inner conflict at the beginning but is at peace at the
end…read more

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Religious but rather cold
Tries to forgive John but is hurt by his behaviour
Loyal to him but always did suspect Abigail
Accused of witchcraft but not hung due to her
finding out that she's pregnant
Denies John's adultery to protect him but doesn't
realise he's already confessed…read more

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