Sonnet 116 Language Analysis - AQA Relationships Cluster

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Language ­ Sonnet 116
Point Evidence Analysis
- Ambiguity & religious - `Let me not to the marriage of - `true minds' = joining together
language true minds' of compatible intellects:
- `admit impediments' platonic?
- OR, `marriage' suggests,
- `impediments' = reference to
Christian marriage vows.
- Puns - `Love is not love//Which - `Alter' like, marriage altar.
alters when it alteration finds,' - Romantic language suggests
erotic love.
- Love doesn't change when
faced with difficult
- Near repetition - `alters' `alteration' - Suggest love is constant. It
- `remover' `remove' won't change the way
appearances do.
- Pairs of Words - `love is not love' - Reflects the symbiosis of a
loving couple.
- Metaphor (+ Euphemism?) - `an ever-fixed mark,//That - A lighthouse: true love is
looks on tempests' solid, despite the storms of life.
- Lighthouse: sexual
connotation referencing male
- Archaic Language - `Tempests' (storms) - Reflects the time period the
poem was written in.
- Personification (time + love) - `Love's not Time's fool' - Time alters most things; like
- `even to the edge of doom' beauty of youth, or death
catches us up with its `bending
- But, love = constant, hours
and weeks are nothing
compared. Not dependent on
time ("hour").
- Time is powerless, even until
end of world.
- Imagery of death - `sickles compass' - Imagery of the Grim Reaper;
but love will not be altered by
- Metaphor - `It is the star to every - Star's height can be
wandering bark,//Whose mathematically measured, but
worth's unknown, although his its value to sailors is
height be taken' immeasurable.

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Love's value cannot be
- Language of extremes - `Love alters not with his brief - Hours and weeks are nothing
hours and weeks, // But bears to love.
it out even to the edge of - `doom': Doomsday ­ Love is
doom' powerful, for it triumphs over
the prospect of doom.
- Nautical Imagery - `the star to every wandering - Pole star, fixed point in the
bark' sky ­ helping sailors to
navigate. Love is an essential
part of our physical world.…read more


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