Brothers Language Analysis - AQA Relationships Cluster

Notes based on videos from Mr Bruff and BBC Bitesize.

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Language ­ Brothers
Point Evidence Analysis
- Metaphor - `Saddled with you...' - Sets tone for relationship: resentful
- `Saddled' ­ a burden to carry (like a
- Direct address & - `with you...' - To the brother, from child + adult
Personal Pronouns - `me and Paul' perspectives.
- Older & wiser now.
- Likely to evoke an emotional
response from the audience.
- Symbolism - `threadbare field' - Worn out and exposed ­ symbol of
relationship, getting on each other's
- Alliteration - `ridiculous' and - Link between words ­ also thinks his
`Rotherham' views on Rotherham United are
ridiculous as well as his tank top.
- Tank tops = popular in `70s, suggests
writing about a past event.
- Sibilance - `spouting six-year-old' -`s' = hard sound, reflects hard
feelings felt towards the brother at
this moment.
- Verbs - `skipped', `spouting', - Choice of verbs reveals feelings
`windmilled' towards brother and distance.
- `ambled', `stroll' - `windmilled' waving arms, childish,
excitement, care-free.
- `stroll' adult-like, slow, confident ­
difference in maturity.
- Metaphorical - `Looking back' - Metaphorical and literal reference
Language - `chased Olympic Gold' to the distance between brothers;
looking back towards window,
looking back in time.
- Imagination of children still remains;
still have the competitive quality
associated with youths.
- Imagery - `unable to close the - Physical distance and distance within
distance I'd set in relationship.
motion' - Shows regret, cannot mend the
- A nostalgic tone.
- Colloquial Language - `me and Paul' - Child's PoV
- `ridiculous tank top' - Contrasting with change of language
- `doing what grown-ups to adult: shows he is looking back on
do' memories.

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General - `holding out what must - Shows he is too far away to see.
have been a coin' - `holding out' little brother trying to
establish a connection.
- Caesura - `you froze, said you - Freezes the line, slows the rhythm,
hadn't' creates image of realisation of the
boy's absence of money.
- Proper nouns - `bus-stop' - Place memories firmly in time and
place, like a personal story.…read more


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