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What you need to do to get the top grades
Address the key words in the question (use them to write your 1-2 sentence intro)

Style Points
Do not use a lot, instead you an abundance of...or a plethora of (only when there is to much)
Do not…

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Thomas hardy was a VICTORIAN REALIST focusing on the real issues of the time in his stories
using vivid imagery (as he was a descriptive writer)

Contextual Issues
Women were of a lower status and had a lower power than men
Waggons were still being driven
The Industrial Revolution had…

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Melancholy Hussar ­ isolation of the environment, marriage proposals are few because of this,
the isolation also represents her vulnerability
Withered Arm ­ small size of the community means the Rhoda and Gertrude will meet and
speculation as to what could have caused Gertrude's affliction quickly lead to Rhoda…

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The Withered Arm
The narrator follows Rhoda, leading the reader to feel sorry for her and sympathise with her
sense of abandonment

We are also led to sympathise with Gertrude and she is sweet and innocent compared to Rhoda

Pathetic Fallacy is used when Gertrude and Rhoda are going to…

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"Thick clouds made the atmosphere dark"
Use of nature to develop mood
"Rectangular animals" symbolises the dull monotonous countryside
"If it had not been for you, this terrible ordeal would have saved me"
when referring to the arm
Use in imagery to develop character
"Like the light under a heap…

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The Melancholy Hussar of a German Legion
The story is retrospective, as Phyliss told someone the story we know that no matter how
tense the situation gets, nothing is going to happen to her, as she lived to tell the tale

The story also has a cyclical structure; she starts…

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Evidence Their actions What this reveals about society
Men (of power) were deceitful P She always follows her Women were expected to
and decided what they wanted h fathers demands behave as they were told, with
Dece and from whom (Humphrey leads y She gets pushed to the no say…

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"More than once she said with misgiving that she "She was left with no control over anything that has been
wondered she ought to have indulged in the freak" her husbands"
"Sam if I could, I would marry you some day" "She wasted hours braiding her beautiful hair"
"She had,…

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Absent Mindedness in a Parish Choir
Hardy's shorter stories are usually more humorous

The narrator in the story is 1st person which makes the story more friendly and relatable, as
it is like a friend is retelling you a funny story (it is an anecdote)

The 1st person narrator also…


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