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The effects of HIV/AIDS on people and society…read more

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Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS
Africa accounts
for 67% of the
living with aids…read more

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The effects of HIV/AIDS on people
People that suffer from HIV may
begin to have swollen lymph nodes,
severe weight loss, fevers that come
and go, infections in the mouth,
diarrhoea and severe fatigue.
Eventually, the virus can infect all of
the body's organs, including the brain,
making it hard for the person to think
and remember things.
Eventually, the immune system is so
weak that many different diseases
and infections by other germs can
develop. These can be life
threatening. For example, people with
AIDS often develop pneumonia.
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus Before people die from AIDS, they
AIDS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome become so weak that they can barely
do anything at all.…read more

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Patient recovery
v=gPU_g5iDqIo…read more

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The United Nations has estimated that only 1 in 10
sufferers know they have the disease during the
earliest days of infection.
Aside from the obviously devastating physical effects of
the diseases, some sufferers may experience prejudice
in their employment and/or social life. In certain
societies, children are ostracised if one of their parents
has the disease.…read more

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