Hitler's attempt to seize power (1923)

A timeline of events showing how Hitler tried to seize power in 1923. 

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Hitler's attempt to seize power
8th November 1923
A large meeting being addressed by Gustav von Kahr, head of Bavarian government, in a beer hall in Munich,
was suddenly interrupted by Hitler and the SA. They burst in the hall. Hitler jumped on a table and fired 2 shots.
He tried to persuade everyone to support him.
9th November 1923
Hitler and Ludendorff with 3000 supporters marched through Munich hoping to win mass support. Armed police
blocked their way and it was followed by a gun battle. 16 marchers died and Hitler escaped in a motor car.
11th November 1923
Hitler was arrested
February 1924
Hitler was put on trial. The trial provided Hitler with nationwide publicity. The court was sympathetic to Hitler.
They could have sentenced him to death however he got away with only 5 years. Ludendorff was let off and the
Nazi party was banned.
February-July 1924: Imprisonment
Hitler only served 9 months in prison. He had a private room in the Landsberg prison and he was aloud as many
visitors as he wanted. He spent most of his time writing his autobiography.


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