Why did Hitler become Chancellor in 1933?

Notes on why Hitler became Chancellor in 1933?

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Why did Hitler become Chancellor in 1933?
The Beer Hall Putsch
1923 saw Hitler's first attempt at seizing power with the Nazi party.
Hitler was shot and injured.
Hitler was imprisoned for treason and reconsidered his political strategy.
Hitler dictated Mein Kampf whilst in prison and decided that the Nazis have
to gain power legally through elections.
Hitler's SA or brown shirts were used to intimidate opponents and drum up
Running battles were fought with rivals the Communist party.
Violence and rivalry were central to Nazi philosophy of survival of the fittest.
Ernst Rohm led the SA for the Nazi party
Hitler a `Political Genius'
Hitler had an undoubted ability for public speaking and an understanding of
ordinary peoples desires.
Hitler had 'his finger on the pulse of Germany' Walden.
The vision as highlighted in Mein Kampf.
'Enter the Reichstag holding our noses'
The Wall Street Crash
Disastrous for Germany - 6 million unemployed.
Second major economic catastrophe for the Weimar Republic.
Soon became a political crisis as 3 Chancellors in 2 years could not solve the
problems of Germany (Brüning, Schleicher and Von Papen)
Hitler considered 'the last hope'
Attractive Policies
Hitler appealed to many sections of society.
'Rip up the Treaty of Versailles'
'Work, freedom and bread'
Sort out the communists.
Guaranteed farm prices
Regain national pride.
Hitler had his finger on the pulse knowing the desires of ordinary Germans.
Divided Opponents

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Hitler should have been kept from power, he never gained an overall
Communists and Socialists were divided.
Parties squabbled over how to deal with the depression.…read more


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