What did Hitler do in the 1920s?

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  • What did Hitler do in the 1920s?
    • The Munich Putsch
      • This was an attempt to seize control over Munich. Unfortunatelythis attempt failed dismally. Hitler got arrested for treason and got put in prison
      • How did it help the Nazis?
        • PUBLICITY AND PHILOSOPHY: Hitler's trial gave publicity to the Nazi movement. Hitler reviewed his political philosophy. Whilst in prison, he wrote a book with two principles
          • The Fuhrer Principle: Hitler argued that to be successful, his party needed one powerful leader, him.
          • The Reichstag Principle: Outright rebellion would never destroy the system.
            • "Hold our noses and enter the Reichstag" - destroy from within
    • What happened in the Putsch?
      • 8th November 1923
      • It began with a capture of the Bavarian Prime Minister, Gustav Kahr
      • 600 of Hitlers 'Stormtroopers' surrounded the hall and held a gun to Kahr's head
      • Kahr was forced to tell the audience that he supported the Nazi revolution
      • Hitler went ahead and marched 2000 'Stormtroopers' into the city, even though Kahr had broken his promise
      • Armed Police met the Nazis and 16 Nazis were shot dead and hundreds were injured


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