Munich Putsch


Munich Putsch - Successes

(Hitler's assessment of the putsch)

  • "It was the greatest good fortune for us Nazis that the putsch collapsed because:
  • Co-operation with General Ludendorff would have been absoloutly impossible.
  • The sudden takeover of power in the whole of Germany would have led to the greatest of difficulties in 1923 because the essential preparations had not even begun by the NSP.
  • The events of 9th November 1923, with their blood sacrifice, have proven the most effective propoganda for National Socialism". 
  • Hitlers trial-Gave him a national platform on which to speak. He greatly impressed his audience by his eloguence and the strength of his nationalism feelings.
  • Hitlers performance at trial influenced judges 
  • 5 years sentence, cut down to 9 months - Lenient judges in prison he was allowed visitors, it was Landsburg castle.
  • He wrote 'Mein Kampf' (my struggle)
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Munich Putsch- Failures

  • Hitler made a mistake - he let Kahr and his collegues go, while he and Ludendorff planned how their supporters could seize munich the following day.
  • It was soon clear that Kahr's pledge at gunpoint was worthless. news of the putsch reached Berlin and the government ordered the army in Bavaria to crush it.
  • He gets arrested and goes to court- Treason
  • They do not take over the government 
  • Nazis get killed
  • After conviction goes to prison
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Was the Munich Putsch a success or failure?

Why did Hitler attempt a putsch in 1923?

  • Many right-wing groups, the Nazis included, thought the German army could be persuaded to abandon the government and support them instead.
  • Hitler was developing an increasingly close relationship with the former army leader, Ludendorff, and he believed that if it came to a crisis, Ludendorff would be willing and able to persuade the German army to desert the government and side with the Nazis.
  • The support of the Bavarion state government. The Bavarian government was right wing. Its leaders had themselves plotting against the Reich government. Hitler was sure that they would support a Nazi putsch.
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