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The Rise of the Nazis and their Consolidation of Power 1929-1934

Effects of the Wall Street Crash

  • America recalled the money they had loaned Germany.
  • Factories were producing less so some of the workers were sacked and became unemployed.
  • Fewer people to buy goods so factories sold less.
  • So more workers were sacked.
  • Farmers were affected as less food was needed because unemployed people couldn't afford to buy as much.
  • So farm prices dropped forcing farmers and farm workers into unemployment.
  • This resulted in the Great Depression.
  • Unemployment kept rising.
  • 1933- six million Germans out of work.
  • Led to misery and despair.
  • Middle class and working class people lost their homes.
  • Businesses went bankrupt.
  • Small farmers lost their farms.
  • Many turned to extremist parties who seemed to have a solution to the economic problems.
  • This gave Hitler and the Nazis the opportunity they needed.
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Hitler's Ideas

  • 1924- Hitler released from prison.
  • He started to recorganise the Nazi Party to make it more effective in elections.
  • Started Hitler Youth for boys and a new fighting force, the **.
  • Marches and torchlight rallies were staged to publicise Nazi ideas.
  • More and more people joined the party.
  • 1928- the Nazis didn't do to well in the elections.
  • When the Great Depression hit Germany this changed.
  • Hitler believed that the weak leadership of the Weimar governments had caused many of Germany's problems.
  • So he said Germany needed a strong leader like himself.
  • Hitler also said that the Nazis would then give Germany great military power by increasing the size of the army.
  • Make germany prosperous again.
  • Aryans were the superior race.
  • Inferior races; Eastern Europeans, people from Asia and Africa, Jews, and Travellers.
  • Wanted Germans to feel part of 'the people's community'.
  • Wanted to work together to make Germany great again.
  • Individual rights were less important than loyalty to the country, the people and the leader.
  • He hated communism and pledged himself to destroy it.
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