GCSE History Revision notes Germany 1918-45: 24 pages and EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD NEED!

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This is a collection of notes that I've made and ones I've found online, and should have everything that you need if you're doing Germany 1918-45 GCSE History.

Though this is intended for those doing the Edexcel School History Project, it is incredibly useful and should help everybody!

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History GCSE Revision Notes: Germany 1918-45
Quick thing to note: some of this was made by me, mostly made by other sources I've found on the internet.
This pack of revision notes should contain everything you need, and is 24 pages long. Good luck to all of you
taking the…

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Cosmopolitanism ­ The idea that all people are equal

Dawes Plan ­ The interim economic plan that was set up to help Germany pay its
reparations shortly after the occupation of the Ruhr. It made sure that Germany
didn't just pay off debts sporadically, but actually ordered the whole reparations…

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Great Depression ­ The economic crisis caused as a result of the Wall Street Crash
of October 1929. It affected most people around the world, and hit Germany
hardest because of its reliance on the Young and Dawes Plans

Hyperinflation ­ The economic inflation in Germany in 1924 that led…

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Night of the Long Knives ­ 30 June ­ 2 July 1934, the night when Ernst Röhm and
the rest of the SA were hounded up, and either murdered or forced to join the SS
by SS officers, supported by Hitler

NSDAP ­ The National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nationalsozialistische…

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ownership, government intervention, and aiming to stop social injustice. The final
aim of Socialism is to reach Communism

Spartacists ­ The Communist group that attempted a revolution in 1918
modelled on the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. It failed miserably, and its two
leaders were brutally murdered by Freikorps soldiers


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reduced the amount Germany needed to pay. It was suggested and created by
Owen D. Young, an American

Hitler's Rise to power and consolidation of power:
Hitler's rise to power
Combination of a mixture of factors including events happening outside Germany,
the strengths of the Nazi party and the weaknesses…

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· The moderate political parties would not work together
· Depression of 1929 created poverty and unemployment which made people
angry with the Weimar government. People turned to extremist parties like the
Communists and Nazis.
· Nazi storm troopers attacked Hitler's opponents.
· Goebell's propaganda campaign was very effective

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· 20 Jun 1933, Concordat: Hitler makes an agreement with the Pope who thinks
him as someone who can destroy Communism. Agreement allows Hitler to take
over political power in Germany as long as he leaves the Catholic church alone.
(Temporary truce that allowed Hitler to ban the Catholic…

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· Education and youth (working): The lives of young people were controlled both
and outside of school to turn them into fanatical Nazis
· Terror (method of control): Germany became a country where it was unsafe to
or say anything against the government
· Propaganda (method of control):…

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Politically unreliable teachers Academic standards fell.
removed. Shortage of teachers.
Women encouraged to leave War halved the number of
jobs. children in Higher Education.
NSLB (National Socialist
Teachers' League) set up to
indoctrinate teachers on
month-long courses ­ by 1937
97% had done this.
Altered syllabuses to
emphasise physical education,…













THANKS God bless you and your grades.



Amazing, great document that addresses everything you could ever want into easy to understand segments. Great job on this I would recommend it to everyone :)



Is this for Edexcel Unit 2A History?



Thankyou, very helpful!



I love you thank you so much T T 



thanks very helpful 



This is a great revision resource- though I did have to shorten it. It contains a lot of information and includes a tonne of terms that I did not previously know. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)

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