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What problems did the big three face
after WW1?
· Nationalists had already created nations (early 1918 ­
Such as Yugoslavia, Poland and Czechoslovakia
· During the war, Britain and France promised Japan
land in Asia and Italy parts of Austria-Hungary.
· Chaos in central and eastern Europe ­ Royal families of
Austria-Hungary and Germany abdicating.
· The threat of Communism
· To prevent another war from Germany in the future
· No arranged agreements for peace discussed due to
quick end of war…read more

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What did Lloyd George want?
· Reparations of $120 Billion
· Maintain trade partners with Germany
· Compromised peace (pressures from home)
· Keep the British Empire
· South Africa, Australia and New Zealand to be
rewarded with nearby German territories
· Not a weak Germany
­ Unable to stop communism spread
­ Keep French on their toes as they would dominate Europe
· Wanted to share former Turkish land in middle east
· German colonies to be divided up between winners…read more

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What did George Clemenceau want?
· Reparations of $200 Billion ­ they'd borrowed
a lot in war
· Wanted Alsace-Lorraine (lost in war)
· Germany to loose Rhineland, Saarland, Upper
Silesia, Danzig and East Prussia ­ Most of
Germany's coal and heavy industry in these
· More powerful Poland (weaken Germany)
· Split Germany into smaller states (less threat)…read more

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What did Woodrow Wilson want?
· Reparations · His 14 points
of $22 Billion 1. No more secret agreements
· Nations to 2. Free access to the sea for all
decide 3. End to economic barriers (free trade)
themselves 4. Countries to reduce weapons
what 5. Decisions regarding colonies to be impartial
happened to 6. German army removes from Russia
them (self 7. Belgium independence
determinatio 8. France ­ Alsace-Lorraine
n) 9. Italian speakers allowed to live in Italy
· A league of 10. Self determination in Austria Hungary
nations 11. And in Balkan state
12. Turkish rule the Turkish and non Turkish rule
13. Independent Poland
14. League of nations…read more

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How far did Lloyd George get what he
· He maintained trade partners with Germany
· Kept his British Empire
· Didn't get control of German Colonies but got
them as mandates (looking after for league)
· Germany wasn't too weak as wasn't split up
so could stop communism and France wouldn'
t dominate, however was much weaker
· He wanted $120 Billion reparation ­ agreed at
$6.6 Billion…read more

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How far did George Clemenceau get
what he wanted?
· Germany wasn't split into smaller states ­ But they did
loose land
· They got Alsace-Lorraine
· More powerful Poland ­ West Prussia and Posen given
to them (Polish Corridor)
· Wanted $200 Billion ­ agreed at $6.6 Billion
· Wanted Germany to loose
­ Rhineland ­ Demilitarized for 15 years
­ Saarland ­ run by the league and France had access to coal
­ Danzig run by league
­ Upper Silesia ­ Voted to join Poland
­ East Prussia ­ Voted Germany…read more

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