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Henry VIII and the quest for international influence, 1509 ­ 1529
1. Who were the key players in Europe and what were their objectives?
a) What were France's strengths
France was the largest in Europe at 460,000 square kilometres, with a population of 16 million
b) What were Francis…

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d) What was the Holy League and what were its objectives?
In 1508 the major European powers (France, Spain, Empire and the Papacy) were brought together
by Pope Julius II in the Holy League to attack Venice. Henry VII's diplomacy had for once failed to get
England on board, but…

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In 1514 Henry was forced to make peace with France. Both Ferdinand and Maximilian had lost
interest in attacking France and both had been negotiating with Louis XII behind Henry's back to
conclude separate treaties. The new Pope, Leo X, favoured peace over war, and the state of Henry's


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