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What are the similarities and
differences between Henry VII and
Henry VIII's foreign policy?…read more

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HENRY VII His reign was dominated by the
Italian Wars.
He desired peace over war.
Henry had to change his
foreign policy to deal with the
European politics of the time.
The policies he made was short
term with the majority of treaties
having a trade clause.
He was politically isolated by
the Treaty of Cambrai in 1508.
Henry VII's inheritance to
the throne was weak, he
won the throne through
war and not through He preferred to save money
blood. rather than spend it.…read more

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He believed himself as the `Warrior King'
Wanted war with France because he and was perceived as the `Renaissance
wanted adventure and believed that Prince'.
the King of England should also be
the King of France as previous Kings
have claimed it before him.
He was left with a healthy treasury
but spent the majority of it by the
Henry VIII was politically isolated by the end of his reign.
Treaty of Cambrai in 1529.
Also, like his father his reign was
His inheritance was very strong
dominated by the Italian Wars so he
as he was the only son of Henry
had to change his foreign policy to
VII still alive to take the crown of
deal with the European politics.
England.…read more

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Relations with Relations with Spain. Relations with Burgundy. Relations with the Holy Relations with Scotland.
France. Roman Empire.
Henry VII Conflict between the Generally good relations He faced a political enemy Henry had rough relations Henry feared Scotland
two crowns throughout throughout the reign but from the start ­ The Duchess with the Holy Roman because their natural ally is
reign. there was fluctuations when of Burgundy. She was the Emperor, Maximillian, France. If Henry was to go
France wanted to Prince Arthur died and also sister of Richard III therefore because he kept leaving him at war with France then the
absorb Brittany but Isabella of Castile. The death had a strong dislike to Henry in stages to war and also threat of war with Scotland
England did not want opened up the Castilian and even harboured often plotted against him would come and would not
this. succession crisis in which pretenders. when it suited him best. be good as he didn't have
Foreign Policy: Henry back Philip, not Foreign Policy: Foreign Policy: the money to fight two wars.
Treaty of Redon ­ with Ferdinand which ended Treaty of Dordrecht ­ made Treaty of Dordrecht ­ Also, Scotland backed
Brittany, political in badly when Philip died and for political use for aid of Maximillian would send Warbeck so the threat of war
origin but made sure to Ferdinand signed the Treaty Brittany. troops to Brittany to aid came closer to Henry.
France that they did of Blois with France. Spain Embargo on Trade ­ for Henry but he never sent Foreign Policy:
not want war or the no longer needed English political use, to get Philip and them. This was political in Truce of Ayton ­ brought
claim on the French support which as not good Margaret to stop harbouring origin as it was to defend peace to England and
crown. for Henry. pretenders. Brittany and keep it from the Scotland, James IV would
Treaty of Etaples ­ Foreign Policy: Intercursus Magnus ­ power house of Europe, no longer harbour
political and economic Treaty of Medina del Campo Embargo gone, for political France. pretenders. The treaty was
as Henry got an ­ very political, the marriage and economic use, trade goes extended to the whole of
annual pension of alliance between Catherine back to normal. Improved Henry VII's reign which
50000 crowns and and Arthur would secure relations between the brought peace, which he
Charles would not relations. Also, neither of countries. intended. The truce was
harbour anymore them could make peace with Treaty of Windsor ­ political political in origin but can also
pretenders. France without consulting the and economic. He would get be economic because Henry
other. custody of Suffolk and also a didn't have the money to go
possible marriage alliance. to war so having the Truce
prevented this.…read more

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Relations with France. Relations with Spain. Relations with Burgundy. Relations with the Holy Relations with Scotland.
Roman Empire.
Henry Henry desired War with The death of Ferdinand and Alliance had formed between James IV died which meant
VIII France as soon as he then the accession of the first war with France but his minor son, James V
become King. He believed Charles I proved difficult for when he died there was succeeded him. Scotland
that he had a claim to the Henry at times. They were some tensions with the new remained a great threat as it
French crown like English allies when they were elected Holy Roman was still an alliance with
Kings before him. France was fighting against France but Emperor, Charles V. France. When England
growing with power and this when it came to English They had an alliance but it made peace with France,
not only alerted Henry but priorities Charles I didn't serve English interests Scotland become less
also the Pope and other disapproved, especially with well with Charles V because hostile.
foreign countries. Charles the annulment against he did not agree with the
died, Francis I came king. Catherine. annulment against Catherine,
Foreign policy: Foreign Policy: Charles no longer needed
1514 Peace Treaty ­ Political Holy League ­ Henry joined English support because he
and economic, France had to this in November 1511 and had become a dominant
pay an annual pension again, it was aimed against the dynastic power in Europe and
marriage alliance and also French. Political. also Charles cancelled his
Henry couldn't claim the title proposal to Mary.
of `King of France' again.
Treaty of London ­ political,
made for universal peace,
mainly for French and English
peace but Wolsey gained the
other countries within the
peace treaty.…read more

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Henry VII Vs Henry VIII
Even though Henry desired war the policies he made
Henry had foresight for foreign policy which is
were mainly for peace. He mistook the fact that couldn'
shown when he and Maximillian both feared
t handle the war which resulted in him needing to make
French influence with Europe so they agreed
peace. Powerful figures such as Maximillian and also
for Princess Mary to marry Maximillian's
Ferdinand often isolated him so he would have to
grandson, Charles, who later becomes
make peace with France for example. The Field of
Charles I of Spain and Charles V of The Holy
Cloth of Gold allowed Henry to show himself off as the
Roman Empire.
`Renaissance Prince' but it actually had no diplomatic
When making foreign policy they were mainly
value to it.
in political origin and had defensive
Henry relied on Wolsey to fix his mistakes such as with
responses. The Treaty of Redon is a good
his deteriorating relations with France due to war,
example for this as it was to defend Brittany
Wolsey came up with the Treaty of London which
and not to start war.
brought about Anglo-French peace in Europe and also
Henry VII showed Diplomatic skill as he didn't
other European countries joined in this. Wolsey had
want to rush into anything with France as he
flexible handling with foreign policies and relations and
wanted peace not war. This can be seen in
knew what his king wanted. Henry's foreign policy was
1491 when he reasserted his claim to France
in political origin mainly but they were for peace just
and besieged Boulogne. The Treaty of
like his father's peace treaties. Henry was a risk taker
Etaples came out of it which secured his
when it came to foreign policy. When Henry was going
international reputation and he avoided a
to have peace with France and leave the Spain
major campaign.
alliance, this was a risk because Fracis and Charles
could have peace which would result in Henry
becoming politically isolated.…read more

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