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Henry VIII and the quest for international influence 1509-40

C16th Europe: The key players


1515 Francis I, from Valois became king for France. Kingdom was largest in Europe, with
16m people living there
The shape of France was just beginning to emerge with attainment through the diplomacy
of provinces…

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What was achieved by the French campaigns of 1511-14?

Henry was determined to lay claim to his title of King of France, which was passed from
English Kings since the C15th
Henry had already cemented an alliance with Spain because of this marriage with
Catherine, son-in-law to Ferdinand
To invade…

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Battle of Flodden 1513

While Henry was invading France, James IV King of Scotland had taken advantage of his
absence and invaded England
As the Scottish army crossed the border, Surrey (England) moved to stop its progress.
Sept 1513, the two armies confronted each other at Flodden Edge- Surrey outnumbered,…

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Debate over Wolsey's foreign policies

Wolsey pursued a policy designed to maintain the balance of power in Europe. This meant
making sure that no one side became too dominate in European affairs- although, Wolsey
often allied England with the stronger power
A.E Pollard challenged the balance of power theory by…

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Settlement of universal peace put into place- England placed in the centre of diplomatic
The Christian peace settlement bound France, the Papacy, Spain, the HRE and England to
action against the Turk. The treaty:
1. Guaranteed non aggression between the major powers;
2. Built in the principle of collective…

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Wolsey agreed with Charles and a settlement was concluded: the agreement was that an
English force would invade France unless the French King agreed to make peace
Agreement (war) happened but Wolsey delayed to two years later in 1523 because it might
change the situation and prevent the need for…


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