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Process Hazard Risk Level Control Measures Critical Control Point Test for Control
1 Collect Ingredients The ingredients may not be safe to Medium Check best before dates, check No Check the fridges temperature,
eat. quality and ensure that chilled food check sell by dates and make sure
is kept cold. chilled food was kept under 5C
2 Prepare yourself for cooking Bacteria and germs from your skin Medium Wash hands before cooking and No Dress in uniform/ put on apron.
may contaminate food ensure when handling high risk Remove jewellery and keep hair
foods they are washed before and tied back.
3 Get Equipment Equipment could be dirty or Low Handle equipment correctly and No Sharpen and wash equipment
sharp/blunt. make sure objects are washed at before hand, using hot soap and
appropriate times water/ food friendly cleaner.
4 Mix ingredients together to make a The flour may be out of date or in Low Check best before dates and also No As before, check use by dates and
sauce an unusable state . shift the flour through a sieve first quality of ingredients, even if they
so any imperfections or off seem fine at first glance
colouring can be spotted.
5 Cook fish gently in the sauce The fish may not cook properly and High Ensure the sauce is piping hot No Use a thermometer to ensure
bacteria could reproduce at during cooking period and that the temperature is correct and the
dangerous rates fish is cooked all the way through sauce is heating through properly
6 Roll out Pastry and seal with the The pastry could become Low Make sure surfaces are cleaned No Get a dry cloth and test is any
fish sauce contaminated with bacteria from thoroughly with disinfectant (food visible dirt or marks comes off a
the work surfaces friendly) surface.
7 Cook in the oven for 10-15 minutes The pastry could not cook Low Ensure the oven is preheated and No Check regularly, in case of burning
thoroughly or could burn the temperature is correct. or uneven cookery
8 Clean up Work Area High risk foods could contaminate Low Clean all equipment and surfaces No Wash thoroughly with disinfectant
work surfaces and equipment with thoroughly after use. and hot water

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